Burger King Buys Horse from PSU Equine Facilities

Corporate representatives from the popular fast food restaurant Burger King bought a two-year-old horse from the Penn State Equine Facilities over the weekend.

The representatives did not say why the corporation was interested in buying the animal that was bred and raised as a part of the university’s production program.

“Horses just make great bur…buddies,” one representative said as he salivated uncontrollably. “They’re great for any number of corporate functions. Lean meat, too. Very, very lean.”

In 2011, BK fell further down Business Insider’s list of the most popular fast food restaurants to number five. One representative said that after the company was edged out by Wendy’s, horses were bought to “step up the competition.” When asked to elaborate, the representative just smiled and walked away.

In addition to the horse purchases, Burger King has continued to develop more efficient technology for their restaurants.

The horse declined to comment.

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