Food for Thought Date Auction

Need someone to cuddle up with now that Mark Emmert has indefinitely extended the State College winter? Come out to the Food for Thought Date Auction tonight at 7 p.m. in the West Study Lounge in Waring Commons! The student organization will auction off two member’s of the women’s volleyball team, three men’s basketball players, club sports athletes, the UPUA president and vice president, a cheerleader, and many other students. There will also be a performance by up-and-coming Penn State rapper Malik LRB during the intermission.

Food for Thought is a philanthropic student group that raises money to feed malnourished children in Africa. They also fundraise to support women’s education in developing countries. One of their main projects is plumpy’nut, a therapeutic, peanut-based supplement that you rip open to eat. A two-month regimen of Plumpy-nut costs just under a dollar a day and will completely save a child from malnutrition.

There will be a Walk for Plumpy’nut on Sunday, April 21st, beginning at 11 a.m. at the central parklet near memorial field in downtown State College. What better way to cap off your Blue and White Weekend than a walk through State College that saves children from malnutrition?

So come out to West Study Lounge tonight, and bring your entire life savings to bid on some spicy Penn State students. Maybe spring isn’t in the air yet, but love certainly can be!

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