Penn State Gets Some Style With New Club

Penn State fashionistas can now rejoice thanks to the first ever fashion club on campus called State Style, which just received official recognition from the Office of Student Activities. You will now have the opportunity to network with other students who use Pollock Road as their runway thanks to two sophomores who saw the lack of any fashion related clubs on campus and decided to take action and create their own.

Nina Fischetti and Maddy Fass are co-founders of the brand new club which has already gained 30 members, and the pair is hoping hoping to recruit more people to create a strong membership when fall classes resume. The plan is to keep the club as general as possible, that way it can appeal to anyone with any type interest in fashion, from business to creative aspects. Nina and Maddy see the club as a way for students to meet others interested in fashion and share these common bonds that they otherwise wouldn’t utilize.

They also hope to highlight trendsetters on campus by posting an outfit a day to the group’s Twitter (@StateStyle1). Down the road, they want the club to bring interest in fashion companies to look at Penn State to hire employees, something that the founders say is lacking at the moment. They are also looking to potentially pair up with other organizations on campus to help bring their mission to life.

So what exactly does a member of State Style do? According to the sounders, members talk about fashion, critique outfits from movies or award shows, network with other fashionistas, and talk about the latest trends, especially when it comes to every day looks. The newborn club also hopes to eventually bring in prominent in the fashion industry to speak.

“Right now, Penn State doesn’t have much access to anything in fashion — we just don’t have the connections,” Fass said. “We definitely have a lot of long term goals to bring different things into the club, there are so many things that can be done.”

The founders themselves said that they were surprised to learn that there weren’t any fashion-based clubs on campus (not counting, of course, PSU Robes). They can only see their numbers increasing, especially if the positive feedback they have received so far is any indication.

One thing they haven’t gotten yet? Male members. Both girls joked about approaching the few well-dressed men they see on campus (is John Zang graduating?) to join in on State Style. If you are interested in getting involved with State Style, you can email the founders at [email protected], follow them on Twitter (@StateStyle1), visit their Facebook page here, or visit their website. Get styled up Penn State!

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