The Face of LionCash+

Good old LionCash+. How many times has it washed your laundry? How many times has it bought your cereal? Yes, LionCash+ is a friend to all, but to Spencer Hauck it’s more than that. It’s a BEST friend. In January, the id+ website named Spencer the new face of LionCash+.

In all honesty, I had no idea that LionCash+ had a “face” or what exactly that meant. As it turns out, this has been going on for two years. In order to earn the title, Hauck says that he had to write an essay about why LionCash+ is so special to him. And special it is.

“My friends just laugh at me like, ‘oh you’re always using LionCash+,” Hauck said.

After Hauck submitted his essay, the id+ Office checked to make sure that he does, in fact, spend a lot of LionCash+. After that, the gig was his.

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But, what exactly is the gig? At first I thought it meant that Hauck’s face was featured on our ID cards. I checked but discovered that the only face on my ID is my own. Instead, he’s more of a figurehead — but no doubt an important one. This title comes with plenty of fame and fortune. Hauck was awarded $100 of LionCash+. His picture was also featured on the id+ Facebook page.

He even did a photo shoot in the HUB. During the shoot he insisted on getting his picture next to Sbarro, one of his favorite places to spend his LionCash+. Sadly, the Mixed Greens sign was also in the shot — and forever listed on the id+ website in perpetuity. Now, Hauck’s friends always joke that Mixed Greens is his favorite place in the HUB. They know how to get a guy where it hurts.

Other than that, the job comes with very little responsibility. Had they offered to pay him, he would have done promotional events. Alas, other than the $100 in LionCash+, he received no money, so instead he kicks back his heels and enjoys the high life as the king of the cash.

Hauck will hand over the Lion Cash throne in the fall. For now, though, it’s good to be on top.

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