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Author: Sarah Hanrahan

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DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is arguably the greatest weekend here at Penn State--costume parties and candy, what could be better? Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive. If you want to do Halloween properly, you have to have at least three clever costumes, because repeating is lame, and not dressing up is even lamer. Pre-made Halloween costumes happen to be incredibly expensive, and pretty much super boring. So, your options are pretty limited. Your best bet is scouring thrift shops and your own closet to DIY your own perfect costumes. Here are a few options that we came up with.

Freshmen 101: How to Stay Healthy at Penn State

While I'll admit that I existed solely on boxes of Cheez-Its as a freshman (and still managed to avoid the ever-feared freshman fifteen), I'll also admit that I did not escape freshman year with my health. That was the precisely year that I acquired some sort of mono-pink-eye-strep-throat combination. Two years later, as sick season quickly approaches, all of you now-freshmen are in danger of acquiring this plague and many others. So, here are a few steps to avoid the freshman fifteen, the plague, and to stay relatively healthy.

Basic Pumpkin Items in State College

If you're one of those who loves pumpkin flavored things but fears being called "basic," don't worry, being basic is really in right now. So embrace your love of pumpkin spice by trying out these essential pumpkin-y products downtown this fall, and let the haters hate.

Meet the Grateful SPLED

By day, they are the Special Education Department, esteemed professors and academics, but by night David McNaughton, Charlie Hughes, David Lee, and Douglas Dexter transform. With the help of their instruments they become the Grateful SPLED, Penn State's favorite cover band.

Willard Preacher Bingo

The Willard Preacher has been outside of Willard doing his thing for years. The content is always controversial but frankly, it's getting kind of stale. So, we came up with a game to keep things interesting. Next time you're sitting outside Willard, pull out this bingo board and see how many you can get.

Penn State Adds More ADA Parking Space

This year, Penn State caused a stir when it relocated its designated Americans with Disabilities Act parking lots for football games. The lots were moved to Innovation Park, two miles from the stadium. After people with disabilities made their complaints known, Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics announced upgrades for ADA parking.

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