Fasta Hosts “Free Pasta Day,” Low Carb Dieters Weep

I have a confession: I could eat pasta for every meal, 365 days a year. Fettucini, orrachetti, farfalle, penne, or my personal favorite bucatini — it doesn’t matter — I love them all. I eat them all with exorbitant amounts of pleasure and delight. I know I am not alone in my obsession, for there are already over 500 people who plan on attending Fasta Pasta’s “Free Pasta Day” this Friday, according to the Facebook event.

Fasta & Ravioli Company is a local producer of fresh pasta and sauces. Although they sell fairly run of the mill pasta shapes it’s the unique flavors that make this pasta so delicious. Fasta offers Carrot Nutmeg, Lemon Pepper, Squid Ink, and Roasted Red and Yellow Pepper Pasta to name just a few of their more intriguing varieties. Along with their regular pasta selections, Fasta also handcrafts artisan stuffed pasta, with the flavors differing each week. This week their special is Smoked Salmon Ravioli with a choice of Lemon Artichoke Pesto or Creamy Vodka Sauce.

If your mouth is watering, pay attention! Fasta will be giving out free one pound bundles of pasta at their main location at 129 South Fraser Street today beginning at 11 a.m. And when you go to pick up your pasta keep your eyes peeled — whoever is closest to guessing the total number of pounds given away on wins free pasta FOR A YEAR if you comment on this Facebook thread.

If you can’t make it to free pasta day or are looking for a convenient way to get your fix throughout the summer, Fasta Pasta is a regular vender at the Downtown State College Farmers Market on Locust Lane from May to November (Tuesday and Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.)

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