2013 WPSU Wine Festival Tickets Available

Winos rejoice and get your Penn State stemware ready! For those of us who despise Natty light and prefer to get tipsy in a more “highbrow” manner, the upcoming WPSU International Wine Festival on September 29 is one wine-and-cheese party you won’t want to miss.

This year’s festival is featuring tastings of Chairman’s Selection wines led by local wine connoisseur Steve Pollack. The seminar lasts from 1 to 2 p.m. and also includes food pairings. In this case small Italian plates will be provided to compliment each tasting. Hopefully you’ll be able to absorb a little bit of wine wisdom among all the delicious mouth-stuffing and intoxication going on.

After the seminar is the Grand Indoor Wine Tasting form 1:30  to 5 p.m. Music, an indoor wine garden, and more food and wine is just a taste of what’s planned for this year. They’re even auctioning off baskets of wine for those of you who think this event doesn’t have enough already.

The festival isn’t being held until Sunday September 29, but fortunately for you, an early bird special is being held for anyone that wants to save-the-date a bit in advance. To cash in on the deal you must purchase your tickets before August 31 (knocking $15 off the regular ticket price). The Grand tasting entrance fee is $50, but if you really want to make a day-you-might-not-remember of it, an additional $15 will grant you access to both the Grand Tasting and the Wine Seminar.

And if you really needed another excuse besides food and alcohol, the proceeds of the festival go towards WPSU, Penn State’s public media source. So buy your tickets and get your wine on!

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