Big Ten Uses PSU Bowl Revenue For Charity

Penn State is one of twelve Big Ten schools that split what would have been the Nittany Lions’ bowl revenue for various child-related charities.

Each university will receive $188,344 from the Big Ten for a total just under $2.3 million the conference announced today, just in time for a PR push at Big Ten Media Days. Penn State would have received the $2.3 million had it been eligible for a bowl game last season.

While it isn’t yet known which other schools will receive money or what charities they are supporting, Penn State will channel its funds through the Centre County United Way. Two charities will receive equal amounts of money: the Stewarts of Children Program and the Children’s Advocacy Center.

“As a community, we must continue to look deeper into the issue of child maltreatment and abuse,” President Rodney Erickson said in the announcement. “We must commit to continuing to raise awareness, as well as fight these insidious crimes in whatever way possible.”

The Big Ten will continue to hold onto Penn State’s share of the conference’s bowl game revenues for the next three years as part of the sanction “deal.” It has not been decided if this system will continue for the remaining sanction years.

“This is a transformational gift that will assure Stewards of Children continues in Centre County and that we meet and exceed our goal of training 5 percent of all residents,” said Tammy Gentzel, executive director of the Centre County United Way. “Increasing awareness among adults in our community will help to ensure that all children in the county live in a safe environment.”

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