Sandusky Writes Letters From Behind Bars

According to TMZ, Jerry Sandusky has written a handful of letters from within his prison cell, noting his struggles and new way of living.

Although the recipient is censored, it is clear that Sandusky knows this person well and that they have been communicating with each other for a long time.

Throughout the letters, Sandusky explains that he is attempting to learn and grow from the “experience,” and that he continues to write down his feelings about it, as well as an account of the events that occurred as he remembers them. He adds, “My plan is to continue this battle until the last whistle blows.”

The first letter, written on May 19, starts with a statement about his love for his coaching days. It touches on his relationship with God, and it explains how he sees each day as a gift. It wraps up with a motivational speech of sorts, telling the reader to “remain as positive as possible,” and says he’s currently “hanging in there.” Finally, he says to the recipient, “Give my best to your dad. Thanks!”

The second letter, written on June 16, recalls a story from Sandusky’s childhood, as well as a story about a woman from Oregon who, he says, has “suspicioned an injustice” about the case that could help in his appeal process. He also mentions that he “doesn’t know what to think” about his possible appeal. Once again he let the recipient know that he would keep fighting until the last whistle.

He ends this letter by saying, “I’m trying to get better. Thanks for your friendship!”

How these letters were acquired, and whether or not they’re really written by Jerry Sandusky, are still unknown. To view the letters yourself, click here.

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