Help Penn State Defend its College Colors Day Title

College Colors Day is back, and just like last year, Penn State is right in the race to take home the title.

Of course, the Nittany Lions won the title last year, but not without controversy. Fans may remember that there was an improbable late surge by other schools, and that the people behind the promotion went back a few days and declared Penn State the winner.

This year, Penn State is in second place, both nationally and among Big Ten schools. The school currently in the lead in both categories? Iowa. Seriously.

The exact voting numbers are unknown, so fans need to go off of these weird circles that show how many votes each school has. Based on the College Colors Day Facebook page, only five schools are eligible to win the title: Iowa, Penn State, Clemson, Alabama, and Arkansas.

I really don’t think I need to say this, but there’s no reason why any school should be beating Penn State right now. We’re bigger than almost everyone else, our fan base is the most passionate, and the school that’s beating us is in a state that should be a lake.

You can vote by going to the official College Colors Day website, clicking on “Spirit Cup,” and following the instructions on the site’s Facebook page. Let’s defend our title, Penn State.

Win or lose, the official College Colors Day will be on August 30. People are encouraged to wear their school colors and show how much they love their school. So, as a Penn Stater, dress like you do every other day.

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