Olympic Committee Reinstates Wrestling = Happy Cael

Just months ago, amidst widespread controversy, wrestling was dropped from the 2020 Olympic games. Many influential wrestlers and coaches promised that they would not let it happen without a fight — including Penn State’s own head coach Cael Sanderson.

With the help of wrestling activist groups like @WrestlingVision and @fila_official, word quickly spread about what was being done to get wrestling back into the Olympics. Many rules were changed to make the sport more competitive and to help rebuke some of the issues that the International Olympic Committee had with the sport, including low TV ratings and a perceived unrepresentative national governing body.

The International Olympic Committee voted yesterday to reinstate either baseball/softball, squash, or wrestling for the 2020 and 2024 Olympics.

The results?

Members of the wrestling community rejoiced at the news.

If the past three National Championships are any indication, there will be quite a few Penn Staters wrestling in the next three Olympics.

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