Drink Specials to Weather Coverage: A Penn State App List

We’ve already written about some of the best apps for college. This time we’ve narrowed the focus down to be a bit more Penn State specific.

The CATA App

This is a must-have app when it’s working. Unfortunately, that’s not too often. When it’s running smooth it can save you from an extra 15 minutes of standing in the cold. At its worst it will tell you that the Blue Loop is parked in Africa.

CATAapp1(iOS/Android) Cost: Free


Foursquare lets you track your romps around State College and check into local businesses. Sure, you can post those check ins to social media and let all of your friends know how cool you are, but more importantly you can earn free stuff. For example, Irving’s will give you a free cookie for every five check ins and the mayor gets a coffee, espresso, tea, or smoothie PER DAY! Good luck fighting to keep your crown.

Foursquare(iOS/Android) Cost: Free


Drink Owl tracks drink specials for you. ’nuff said.

DrinkOwl(iOS/Android) Cost: Free


The weather in State College is crazy: it can change from warm sunshine, to snow, then to rain, and all within a 36 hour period. Although there are plenty of weather apps out there, why not support a local enterprise founded by a Penn Stater?


(iOS/Android) Cost: Free

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (to follow Onward State)

These pretty much go without saying. It is becoming more and more difficult to stay in the loop without social media but Onward State can keep you up to date across the board.

OStwitter(iOS/Android) Cost: Free

Fight on State (Game)

A member of the Blue Band developed this game last year, and I gotta say, it’s not half bad! Be the drum major and dodge football players as you run through the band lines. Nail the flip at the end for bonus points.

(iOS/Android) Cost: Free

Webmail ported to Gmail

Penn State students are forced to use a Webmail service with the look and functionality of a creation from the late ’90s. You can’t get around Webmail but you can at least get it ported to your Gmail account. It’s not terribly hard and ResCom has the steps laid out right here.

The THON App

The THON app is for all things THON. THON calendars, THON photo galleries, THON news, and there’s even a donation tab to give money to THON! THON.


 (iOS/Android) Cost: Free

Did we miss any of your favorite Penn State Apps? Let us know in the comment section!

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