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When Eli Bress began his sophomore year, he was just a boy with a kickball and a dream. Now, he is a boy with a kickball and a TEAM. Last year, Bress founded one of Penn State’s newest club sports, Club Kickball. Today, the team has grown to 60 members and continues to expand. Some would say it’s a gym teacher’s paradise

“We formed this club to bring people together, on and off the field,” Bress says. Bonding off the field includes, but is not limited to, giant ice cream socials. Whether or not the ice cream betters their performance on the field remains to be seen. Still, the bonding seems to be working because the club has now joined Relay for Life and plans to be a part of THON next year.

Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. you’ll find these friends on the field, tossing around the ol’ kickball. Practices are beneath the lights of Bigler West field (the field behind the swimming pool). There are no try-outs, and talent isn’t necessary.

“We are welcome to all students,” Bress insists, “As long as you truly love kickball like we do or just want to meet new people and have a great time, you are welcome.”

Kickball prodigies would definitely be a plus, though, because Penn State Club Kickball is hitting the big leagues! Colleges from Alabama, New York, and even South Carolina have contacted Bress hoping to schedule a match. Recently, WAKA (the World Adult Kickball Association, not the popular song by Shakira) invited the club to potentially compete in the WAKA Founders Club in Las Vegas. Club Kickball is on its Manifest Destiny grind.

If you excelled in high school gym class or you’re just trying to make some friends who excelled in high school gym class, check out its Facebook, Twitter, or just show up at the field!

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