Smarten Up Your Purse for Beaver Stadium

It was one of the saddest sights I have seen in a long time. As students clamored to swipe their IDs at gate A to head into Beaver Stadium, I looked back and saw it. Purses. At least seven of them, person-less and defeated by the trash can. My heart was broken, and there is one Penn State student I know who feels the pain and heartbreak on this issue even more than me.

“My goal is to get my SmartPurse in everyone’s hands so that they never have to throw a purse away again,” said Nicole Kelner, a junior majoring in advertising with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Beaver Stadium’s new bag policy has especially been a problem for girls who are used to strapping on their cross bodies and heading into the stadium to support the Nittany Lions. Kelner immediately saw the opportunity to find a solution to the new bag problem and looked into a way around the new restrictions. According to the new policy, fans can bring in a small clutch/wallet no larger than 6×4.

Kelner has sold her revolutionary SmartPurse for a little over a year. The bags include a pocket on the purse with a clear touch sensitive plastic, making it easy to use your phone even without needing to unzip your bag. For girls like me who are attached to their phones 24/7, it is the perfect solution to a #firstworldproblem.

Her latest design is a wristlet that measures slightly smaller than 6×4, which also includes that clear, phone-accessible plastic. The Smart “wristlet” is being marketed for $19.99 and will arrive in time for the Michigan Homecoming game.

Kelner is hoping to tackle (see what I did there?) the Penn State market before branching off in other cities or schools. She even gave me a sneak peak at the Eagles colors she has on hand to be used soon.

You can purchase your SmartPurse on Nicole’s website here, or check out her Etsy site here.

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Mara is a senior majoring in public relations with a minor in business. She is from Cranberry Twp., PA and enjoys blogging, cats, tweeting, and not wanting to graduate.


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