Where Were You The Night Joe Paterno Was Fired?

It has been almost two years since Joe Paterno was fired after 61 years as a Penn State football coach. On the evening of November 9, 2011, Penn State’s Board of Trustees announced at a press conference that Paterno would no longer be the head coach at Penn State, effective immediately.

In the ensuing days, months, and years, Penn State has been through a lot: the death of Joe Paterno, the imposition of crippling sanctions, the hiring of a new football coach, the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky, the release of Louis Freeh’s report, and the partial reduction of those sanctions.

The past two years have undoubtedly been some of the most tumultuous in Penn State’s history. We want to know where you were when it all began in November 2011, and what changes you have (or haven’t) seen at Penn State since then. Last year we put together a list of 100 reasons why “We (still) Are” — if you think we missed something, this would be a great time to let us know.

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