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“Homie this sh*t is basic, welcome to graduation”: Julia Kern’s Senior Column

"Ride the blue and white chill waves and you'll be fine," advises senior Julia Kern.

Here Are the 5 Best and Quirkiest Bar Tour Themes

We asked you to submit your best bar tour themes. Your answers involved cats, Phil Collins, and more.

Tell Us About Your Terrible Final Exam Schedule

It's that time of year again: If you've got a hellish final exam schedule, we want to know about it.

Tell Us About Your Bar Tour Theme

While some bar tours name themselves based on their student groups (sororities, fraternities, clubs, etc.) we want to find the most creative and offbeat bar tour themes.

We Found the Funniest Parent Texts

Earlier this week, we asked for your funniest parent texts. We received some gems and noticed a few trends among the responses. Enjoy.

Help Us Find The Funniest Penn State Parent Texts

Help us find the funniest texts from Penn State parents!

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