Franco Harris, John Ziegler, Others to Present at Upon Further Review Town Hall

I know one place you won’t find the non-alumni elected Board of Trustees members on Saturday…

The “Upon Further Review” town hall meeting will be held this Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Days Inn in State College on the second anniversary of Joe Paterno’s three week early retirement firing. The event will be hosted by Franco Harris and include presentations from March for Truth organizer Eileen Morgan, blogger/investigator Ray Blehar, and, of course, John Ziegler.

Those three presenters have served as some of the most ostensive leaders of the anti-Board of Trustees movement — or what they would call the “truth.” All three have done extensive research and projects related to the Sandusky situation and will present some of that research at this meeting. While it’s a difficult group to generalize, most of their public works center around the Board of Trustees’ failures when accepting blame for the Jerry Sandusky mess and the rush to judgement as it pertains to Joe Paterno.

“March For Truth began on November 9, 2011 and is a perpetual March that will continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the truth is known and acknowledged by the Board of Trustees,” the event website reads.

Organizers hope to bring students out to the event, which could prove to be a challenge. While student turnout is difficult to get for any event — especially of this nature — it’s even more difficult to get during THON canning weekends when 1/3 of Penn State students are out of town. Morgan asked UPUA President Katelyn Mullen and Vice President Brenden Dooley to attend but both declined due to canning obligations and a job interview.

Either way, despite the audience’s likely homogeneity, it’s sure to be an interesting discussion Saturday night.

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