Penn State Parents Program: Calling All PTA Moms

If you’re part of the 3 percent of students who wish their parents were more involved on campus, you’re in luck!

The Penn State Parents Program (a.k.a “Fancy PTA”) is currently accepting applications from parents of first-year, transfer, and change-of-campus students. Parents will meet twice a year to speak with the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Vice President and Dean for Undergrad Education, and the Parents Program Director. Parents will also have the opportunity to share ideas and offer input to the program’s board .

Like most PTAs, qualifications aren’t really necessary (no offense, Mom). The program is looking to “recruit a diverse group of parents who reflect the undergraduate student body.”

“We know that many parents of our students have been involved in their students’ education prior to Penn State,” said Parents Program Director Jennifer Mallen. “The Parents Council provides a meaningful opportunity at the college level that also brings significant value to the University.”

If the twice a year commitment is too much (really?) the board even offers a Parent Ambassador program, for parents to act as a representative between the Parents Council and prospective, new, and continuing families. While the PSU Values and Culture Survey is a fiasco of its own, maybe a parents survey would allow the University to hear from more parents without the tasking two-meeting-a-year commitment.

If nothing else, this is a good opportunity to get some great shots for @psudilfs.

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