Penn State is Begging Us to Take its Culture Survey

The latest source of Penn State LOLs is brought to you by this video encouraging Penn Staters to complete its values and culture survey. We all know we deleted that email when it arrived in our inboxes. This video may make you reconsider…

00:01 Ahh yes, the signature riff played before any Penn State marketing pitch. Grab the popcorn, this is going to be good.

00:09: Did they really send out the survey by snail mail?

00:17: And here’s the first token student in the form of former Homecoming Director Bobby Walter. I’m sure there will be many more where he came from.

00:22: I would love to drink a beer with this guy. He just seems like that type.

00:23: He reminds me of Phil Dunphy.

00:28: I feel like I’m way too close to Madlyn Hanes’ face. Personal space also exists on the internet.

00:34: Check out the dudes playing hacky sack. Was it natural, or did Penn State marketing plant them there for this video? We’ll never know.

00:50: A vintage Penn State sweatshirt, Panhellenic President Rachel Franceschino, the library, and a Penn State Lives Here sign all in the same frame. This couldn’t have been scripted any better for the marketing department.

00:55: Waving simultaneously at Pollock Road is now apparently associated with anonymity. Let’s get the trend started!

01:00: I spy the Alma Mater. And Roger Williams. Who doesn’t love Roger Williams?

01:26: Where did this guy come from!?

01:32: I can only imagine this took a lot of takes, because they all seem very excited about this culture survey. The Brenden Dooley clap-to-fist pump combo sold me. “Awww, hell yeah! Values and Culture surveys!”

01:35: The opening riff is back complete with a bustling campus road. Amazingly, they were able to pull off a frame with everyone looking beautiful and no SNUGG getups. Well done, +1, would watch again.

Did this video convince you to get the survey out of the trash? Do you plan on answering candidly and honestly? HECK YA YOU ARE. “What are you waiting for!?”

Thanks for another gem, Penn State Marketing. You keep being you.

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