WWE to Return to the Bryce Jordan Center

Are you ready?

The WWE will return to the Bryce Jordan Center on January 24, 2014 for its first house show in Happy Valley in almost two years, the BJC announced today.

The BJC actually has a rich history when it comes to professional wrestling — the company’s first ever Draft, which took place in 2002 back when it was called the WWF, was held at the Bryce Jordan Center, and the reuniting of one of the most popular factions in the “sport’s” history, D-Generation X, took place at the BJC in 2006. Continuing its ties to Penn State, current WWE superstar Cody Rhodes was a Penn State wrestling commit before he decided to “go pro.”

Vince McMahon and his traveling band of pro wrasslers haven’t visited Penn State since September of 2012. That night featured a defense of the WWE Championship between the 7’0″, 500 lb. Big Show and champion CM Punk. Punk was able to defeat Show that night in a match that was as entertaining as it was scripted.

This year’s show will almost certainly be awesome. It is being held two days before one of the company’s marquee pay-per-view events, The Royal Rumble, so all of the wonderfully scripted pre-PPV subplots will be on full display. Superstars like John Cena, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan will almost surely compete, or at least show up to cut some kind of promo that all of us wrasslin’ fans will get WAY too fired up about.

Ticket go on sale December 7, and prices are to be determined. Make sure to attend, because while we know it’s scripted, it’s real to all of us wrestling fans, dammit.

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