Culture Survey Yields 11 Percent Initial Response Rate

The Penn State culture survey — the survey given out to university faculty and staff to determine exactly what Penn State culture is — will have a preliminary report ready fairly soon.

Regis Becker, director of university ethics and compliance, said at Thursday’s Penn State Board of Trustees Committee on Legal and Compliance meeting that about 11 percent of the 130,000 people the survey was sent to has responded to the survey.

“In December we should have a preliminary review,” Becker says.

The final report should be ready to be presented by early next year. Becker said in September that the survey is not meant to identify problems with Penn State’s culture, but rather find out exactly what the culture is.

Julie Del Giorno, the university’s athletics integrity officer, also gave a short report Thursday. Del Giorno says she has created a monthly head coaches forum program to “have us broaden the education and training mandates in athletic integrity agreement.”

“We have an outstanding group of head coaches,” Del Giorno says. “[They can] talk about current trends and issues in collegiate athletics.”

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