DOTD: Weird Pictures of Matt McGloin

Last week, Imgur user Seniordgaf posted two albums depicting Matt McGloin in well, some of the most famous pictures ever. You may be asking yourself, “How did no one ever notice McGloin in all these historical snapshots?” Frankly, we don’t know either, so we compiled the best pictures of Moxie in all of his glory.

Here’s your distraction of the day:

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Moxie.”

Moxie Moon

 “Four score and three touchdowns ago…”

Gettysburg McGloin

“The Wind Cries McGloin”

McGloin Hendrix


William Wallace McGloin

“Parting the Texans’ D”

Moses McGloin

“Down goes Pryor!”

McGloin Ali


McGloin Thriller


“Say hello to Matt McGloin!”

Tony Montana McGloin

 “The Walk-On”

The Walk-On

“My name is Moxiemus!”


Moxie-ing across Abbey Road.




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