Trailer Park Boys Visit Penn N. State

The Trailer Park Boys made an appearance at the BJC Friday night with their new live show, “A Trailer Park Boys Christmas”, and it was just as unorthodox as one would expect. With a nearly filled auditorium, they delivered a thoroughly uproarious and insulting standup bit which was met by a bemused audience.

In bold, the tickets read: 18 AND OVER ONLY,” and with good reason. Their screwy yet endearing form of standup revolved around an alcoholic trailer park supervisor, Mr. Lahey, and his rowdy flock of ex-convicts going about their lives.

Integral to the plot was the absolute naivety of the characters, mainly of course, Ricky, played by Robb Wells, who still believed in Santa Claus and was thoroughly convinced he was visiting “Penn N. State at the North Pole.” This came into serious contention as Mr. Lahey threatened to keep their entire stash of booze to himself if Bubbles and Julian didn’t admit that Santa was a ruse to Ricky, thereby ruining Christmas for the lovable fool.

Things devolved quickly as this Christmas-y themed event turned into a simultaneously homo-erotic adventure between Mr. Lahey and Randy, to whom audience members were buying “60-40” tickets hand-over-fist. Not to be outdone, a collection of randomly selected women from the audience took the stage to grind up on Ricky to make him forget about the reality of Santa Claus’ existence.

This unsavory sequence culminated with a photograph of Mr. Lahey coercing his assistant into eating onion rings off of his fully erect shlong. Hilarity ensued.

The Trailer Park Boys are a Canadian act known for their mockumentary-style show, which has over the years accrued a cult following in both the Great White North and across the globe. They started production on their eighth season this past July.

Whether you’re a fan of unabashedly insulting humor or simply a trailer park enthusiast, Trailer Park Boys are the group for you. And, of course, it wouldn’t be the Trailer Park Boys without Bubbles closing the show with a rendition of “Liquor and Whores.”

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