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Author: Alex Goncalves

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Alex Goncalves

International Politics and Latin American Studies major at Penn State, space explorer, man-child. Formerly a paleontologist-at-heart.

Spotlight on Meeten Doshi, Presidential Candidate

Meeten Doshi and the Doshi-Taylor ticket represent a unique vision for the UPUA presidency.

10 Clubs that Penn State Needs

With 987 clubs listed at University Park, you may have thought that Penn State has covered all of the bases for extracurricular activities. You couldn't have been more wrong. Here's our intensive list of what we're missing out on.

Penn State Ranked Fifth Best College Investment

That's right ladies and gentlemen, according to, an independent website dedicated to financial analysis, our school has proven to be the fifth best 'Bang-for-your-buck' university in the state of Pennsylvania.

Lenina Crowne Wins Opening Spot for Movin’ On at ‘Battle of the Bands’

After a host of glorious local bands and artists took to the stage at the Battle of the Bands on Saturday, Lenina Crowne was named victorious. For winning the heated competition, this lively folk-rock band will be granted the only opening spot in the Movin' On line up.

New App Lets You Talk to Strangers on Campus

For all of you waiting for a Penn State-only Reddit, that time has come. Dorm Chat, a free app created by a Penn State alumnus, is premiering at our university today.

X-Prize CEO Peter Diamandis Coming to Penn State

Cosmological expert, doctor, author, entrepreneur -- the list of occupational descriptors for Peter Diamandis goes on. This modern-day renaissance man, best known as the founder of the X Prize Foundation, is coming to speak at the Eisenhower Auditorium on April 1st.

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