A Guide to Getting Free Stuff During Finals Week

With finals week upon us, Penn State is once again filled with the sounds of Christmas cheer and overstressed students. Whether you’re wallowing in the regret of skipping too many classes this semester, or cramming for that one class you need to pass — you might be in need of a break.

Luckily, I’ve made a guide outlining some of the best spots in town to get free coffee and other goodies to stay energized during the most stressful week of the semester:



This coffee shop and art gallery is located on 115 S. Fraser St. It technically isn’t free, but they have a “pay what you can” philosophy for coffee and tea. It’s usually super quiet so it’s a great place to study. You can also sometimes get free bagels and muffins that are donated by restaurants in the area. There’s also free wifi, which is always a plus.


South Halls

RA’s will find any excuse to set up events for their residents, especially if they involve free food. Finals week is no different. As students get busy, stress-relieving dorm activities are a sure thing, and they’ll probably involve pizza and creamery ice cream.

State Theater:

State Theater

The State Theater plays an assortment of movies every week that students can attend for free. All you have to pay for is food, but that’s optional. The movie selection isn’t always great, but it’s a good way to take a break after a long study session, and the popcorn is pretty cheap.

The HUB:

HUB Finals Week

Around finals week the HUB is filled with freebies other than the usual unwanted club fliers. SPA sponsors a lot of activities here for students the week before exams. This year they gave out mini bamboo plants and custom laptop decals, just to name a few. If you missed out on the fun last week, you can still get free coffee that will be available to students all during finals.



Everybody’s favorite overpriced one stop shop gives out free coffee to students during finals week, so when you go in to buy some blue books be sure to grab a cup of joe.

Abba Java Coffee House:

Abba Java

This small basement coffee shop located on Locust Lane gives out free cups of coffee and treats to students. They also offer free cooking classes once a week. Who knew?! It’s pretty quiet and usually not too crowded, so it’s a good place to cram for finals.

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences:

College of EMS

The College of EMS has a lounge that offers free coffee for students. I checked this place out and it seems like a great place to cram for exams, because it’s so secluded. This might technically be for EMS students, though.

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