John Bacon, Michael Mauti Will Do Reddit AMA This Afternoon

Prepare your animal .gifs and learn when the narwhal bacons, because Fourth and Long: The Fight for the Soul of College Football author John Bacon and former Penn State linebacker and current Minnesota Viking Michael Mauti will team up to do an Ask Me Anything on Reddit this afternoon.

For those unaware how AMA’s work, it’s pretty simple: you create an account on Reddit — which takes about 45 seconds — then ask the people involved whatever your heart desires. Then, the people involved may or may not answer your question. Think of it like as the most informal Q+A that you could do with someone.

Bacon did an AMA three months ago in support of Fourth and Long, but this is the first time that Mauti has done anything like this. However, both men are known for speaking candidly, and this would be an excellent opportunity to ask Mauti all those pesky sanction questions that you’ve been had on your mind for a while now.

These two men are revered in the Penn State community, although for different reasons. Bacon was given unprecedented access to the Penn State football program while he wrote Fourth and Long, and chronicled the battles that the football program fought after the Sandusky Scandal and the NCAA’s sanctions against the school.

As for Mauti, his impact on the university both on and off the football field cannot be stated enough. On the field, he was one of the best linebackers in school history, racking up 207 tackles, 4.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, and four interceptions during his time in Happy Valley. However, it can be argued that his bigger impact was made off the field as the team’s most vocal leader after the sanctions came down.

The link to the AMA can be found here. Make sure you come up with a few good questions, find your favorite .gifs of an animal doing something silly  — here’s mine — and be sure to stop in.

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