Vote for THON to Make the World ‘Not Suck’

The Penn State Dance Marathon has officially entered Project for Awesome’s annual contest in which the winning charities “decrease the overall level of world suck.” Every year, the total money raised by Project for Awesome is divided between wining charities, and this year, THON is in the running among hundreds of other causes.

The voting for the contest is only open for 48 hours, ending tomorrow, December 19, at noon but no login is required to cast your vote for your favorite charity. THON’s video has already received over 2,000 views, but it is the votes that count. Be sure to cast your vote FTK today!

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Mara is a senior majoring in public relations with a minor in business. She is from Cranberry Twp., PA and enjoys blogging, cats, tweeting, and not wanting to graduate.


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