Nutrition Professor Creates Nationally Ranked Diet

For those of you still attempting the ever-popular weight-loss New Year’s Resolution, Penn State nutrition professor Barbara Rolls’ Volumetrics diet was recently named the 6th Best Overall Diet in the country according to U.S. News & World Report.

The diet was ranked among 32 other diets, including the Biggest Loser diet and Weight Watchers. Rolls, the Helen A. Guthrie Chair in Nutrition, drew upon research showing that the number of calories per bite and serving size greatly reduce a person’s caloric intake while also making them feel full.

“There is no magic way to get around the fact that to lose weight you must reduce the calories you consume to below the number you burn. However, cutting calories doesn’t have to leave you feeling hungry,” Rolls said. “You can carefully choose the foods you eat so that you feel full and satisfied on fewer calories.”

The diet was also named the 4th Best Diet for Healthy Eating, the 11th Best Heart-Healthy diet, and the 5th Best for Both Weight Loss and For Ease of Use to Follow. The diet ultimately received high scores for being both safe and nutritious.

So don’t throw your Ben and Jerry’s out just yet.

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