James Franklin Reiterates Penn State is His ‘Dream Job’

James Franklin made several media stops yesterday, giving his first interviews to members of the national media since becoming Penn State’s head coach less than a week ago. His first stop was a nearly eight-and-a-half minute appearance on the nationally-syndicated radio program The Dan Patrick Show, hosted by former ESPN anchor Dan Patrick.

If you don’t have the time to listen to the entire video, four individual parts of the interview were uploaded onto YouTube. In them, Franklin discusses the rise of African-American coaches at college football programs, briefly compares arguably college football’s top two conferences in the Big Ten and Vanderbilt’s conference, the SEC, discusses the etiquette of taking recruits from the school where they are committed — something for which Franklin has come under fire, as he has flipped three Vanderbilt commits to Penn State since becoming the school’s head coach and has offered scholarships to several others — and his relationship with former Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien, along with some advice O’Brien gave him about coaching in Happy Valley.

Unfortunately, the best part of Franklin’s interview didn’t make it into any of the smaller clips. If you scroll to the 4:04 mark of the full video, Franklin shows his total commitment to Penn State.

Dan Patrick: “You said it’s your dream job. Kind of dangerous territory there, James, when we realize coaches don’t stay places forever. This is your dream job?”

James Franklin: “It’s dangerous if you don’t mean it. It’s dangerous because a lot of coaches throw that out there and they don’t mean it. I think you know I had some opportunities to interview at different places and canceled those interviews and turned them down. This school, I think, has everything that a young man is looking for. You get a great education, you got a chance to play really big time football and a chance to compete at the very highest level. This fan base is amazing. I’ve been around campus, I went to the ice hockey game the other night, and the passion for Penn State and the pride for Penn State is unreal. I’d love to be here as long as I possibly can be.”

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