Arby’s Replacement Includes State-of-the-Art Housing and Retail Space

The proposed replacement for Arby’s is, well, nothing like Arby’s. The 12-story building at the corner of South Atherton Street and West College Avenue will include retail and commercial space, as well as student and non-student housing.

The Metropolitan will replace the Arby’s, located at 400 W. College Ave., which has been empty since 2011. Before suddenly becoming vacant, the Arby’s had been in business for at least four decades.

According to design plans, the first and second floors, designated for retail and commerical space, will have large glass windows. There will be an open courtyard on the third floor of the building. The next seven floors will be for student housing, with non-student housing planned for the next two floors. The 12th floor will host non-student housing and event space. The building will also have a multi-level internal parking garage.

One missing component of the apartments is balconies. Former State College Borough Council President Don Hahn was fiercely opposed to balconies on high-rise buildings, such as the new Metropolitan, because of the number of recent student falls.

In total, the proposed project is designed to be a 205,731 square-foot building, composed of 48,721 square feet of non-residential space and 157,010 square feet of residential space.

The Planning Commission has engaged in an extensive dialogue with the property owners about the proposed project. The State College Borough Council is scheduled to formally receive the Planning Commission recommendation’s on June 17.

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