Student Arrested for Trespassing After Early Valentine’s Day Gift Goes Awry

Well, now we know of one surefire way not to land a Valentine’s Day date.

A 24-year-old graduate student dropped off Valentine’s Day chocolates at an apartment in the Meridian 2 early Saturday evening. The box had the word “whore” handwritten on the front and “she’s beautiful” written on the back, according to the State College Police Department.

The grad student, Alex Balgobin, then returned to that same apartment about an hour later. He stepped on furniture in the living room and sniffed several items, all while ignoring requests from apartment residents to leave.

Balgobin then sat on the couch, turned on the television, and began eating some of the chocolates he had dropped off earlier that day. He continued to ignore requests from the apartment residents to leave.

Out of fear of the unknown man, the tenants locked themselves in their bedroom. Balgobin tried to enter the locked bedroom but was unable, so he returned to the couch.

Police came to the first floor of the apartment building to meet with one of the residents. They saw a note taped to the inside of the elevator door that read, “You’re beautiful.” The tenant recognized it as the same handwriting that was on the box of chocolates.

Balgobin told police he knew he shouldn’t have been in the apartment and recognized his behavior as trespassing. He was charged with criminal trespass and taken to the Centre Country Correctional Facility because he was unable to post bail, set at $75,000.

It was a busy weekend for State College Police, especially after a woman mysteriously threw a sandwich at a CATA bus driver.

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