10 THON Line Dance Predictions

Every year during THON, the Morale captains stand onstage and lead their fellow Penn Staters in a five-minute song and dance encapsulating the greatest triumphs and trials of the past twelve months. The captains sift through 365 days of highs and lows to find the moments that best capture our year at Penn State and define our experience as a nation. It might be too late to add something about President Barron, but here’s what we think made the cut:

1.) Bill O’Brien leaving/James Franklin coming

“Bill O’Brien leaves college ball, but coach James Franklin starts this fall!”

2.) Women’s volleyball wins 6th NCAA National Championship

“Women’s v-ball hits the pros; that’s six titles for Coach Rose!”

3.) Penn State ranks in top 50 among world universities

“Penn State studies are a point of pride, and PSU ranks top 50 worldwide!”

4.) “Penn State Lives Here”

“It’s literally been a banner year, or haven’t you heard? Penn State Lives Here!”

5.) Griller’s Closed

“Griller’s closed, and this time for good. The health department never understood.”

6.) Michigan Game

“The Michigan game was the best in years with four overtimes of deafening cheers!”

7.) Beyoncé’s surprise album “Beyoncé” 

“Beyoncé proved she’s still on top when her surprise album dropped.”

8.) Prince George and North West births

“Brits vs. Yanks: Which baby’s best? Royal Prince George or Lil’ North West?

“Yo, Kate, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Kim had one of the best babies of all time. One of the best babies of all time!”

9.) Government Shutdown and Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball

“Two wrecks this year; which one was worse? The government shutdown or Miley’s verse?”

10.) Boston Bombing

“The Boston bombing brought the nation together; if we stand united any storm we can weather.”

Have any other THON line dance predictions? Let us know in the comments.

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