It’s in the Details: Supply Logistics

Anybody involved in THON knows what it’s like to beg for donations. For months we’ve stood on street corners, sent letters, held fundraisers all in the hopes of raising more money for the kids. But what about the other details that go into THON weekend? Who begs for the streamers, the balloons–the aspects that are often overlooked? Luckily, a small committee of 22 captains and 1 director has that covered. All year long the Supply Logistics committee contacts vendors in the hopes that they’ll be willing to supply kind donations–items other than money and food–that are instrumental in running THON weekend.

Michelle Stoltz, a Supply Logistics captain, explained that a majority of these kind donations are acquired through cold calls. In other words, captains simply pick up their phones and call businesses asking them for anything they can give. Dell donated all of the computers at THON, and according to Stoltz, Pepsi was a huge help as well.

Everything from the yarn that the passes hang from to the lumber used to make tables comes from donors. Most requested donation? Craft supplies! When other THON committees need craft supplies, which they always do, they send their requests to Supply Logistics. The demand is so high that Supply Logistic holds Supply Drives throughout the year to collect as much as they possibly can to distribute among committees.

Throughout the year, the supplies they accumulate are stored in Pennypacker Hall, McKean Hall, and Blue Storage. Then, before THON weekend begins, everything is loaded into the BJC.

Supply Logistics also oversees the THON Raffle. This year, they offered two grand prizes–a trip to Europe, provided by the Alumni Association and a Dell tablet provided, obviously, by Dell. Downtown businesses also donated items for smaller prizes. Tickets for the raffle are $5 and will be sold throughout the weekend.

Sure, we all look forward to the total reveal at the end of THON weekend, but so much more goes into THON than just monetary donations. Emma Gregory, a Public Relations captain, explained, “SL is one of the main reasons that 96% of the money can go straight to Four Diamonds.”

“Whatever we can get donated is less that THON has to donate,” Stoltz added.

So, if you see a captain in a lime green committee shirt this weekend, be sure to thank them for all of their work. They’re responsible for the details that are so often overlooked this weekend!

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