Meet Monarch, A New Special Interest Org

Monarch, one of THON’s newest special interest orgs, has an interesting origin. It all started on Wednesday nights in the 3rd floor of McKean. A group of guys and some gals started a weekly “Gentleman’s night.” It’s not like it sounds — it was a bunch of guys dressed up in blazers and bow ties speaking in British accents just hanging out.

After experiencing THON last year all spread out in different orgs and committees, this group of friends decided to experience their second THON together and that’s when the idea started to create their own special interest org. Their love of all things British related (especially the Queen), inspired their name, Monarch. We all know the slogan FTK but they changed it a little, as their saying is FTQ, meaning For the Queen.  Beside their name they represent their love of the Queen with crowns on their head and in their sign.

With around 60 active members they are a relatively small special interest org. But they’re not looking to expand it that much, members of the executive board said they would only want it to expand up to 100 members.

For a new org, they have certainly made an impact, raising a little more than $30,000 in its first year. They raised enough money to get two dancers into the independent dancer lottery, who both got selected. Kelsey Holland and Nick Fastuca are both representing Monarch on the floor. They are dancing for their THON child Dillon Keister, who is currently battling cancer but Monarch is very excited to experience their first THON with the Keisters.

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