Spotlight On Kappa Kappa Gamma And Delta Chi

If there’s one thing that Greek organizations have success with at THON, it’s their ability to make their presence known. Whether its their massive letters that protrude from the crowd or their florescent shirts and tank-tops, the Greeks are largely responsible for the colorful landscape throughout the BJC. Considering this, the paired organization of Delta Chi and Kappa Kappa Gamma has truly gone above and beyond this year to take their collective presence to the next level.

Founded in 2006, this fraternity-sorority pair can be found at #THON14 dominating the seats of Section 112, as their bright blue shirts and loud chants make them hard to miss for anyone in the building.

It’s been a long day for their members so far — many of them started in line outside of the BJC at 7 a.m. this morning to secure a their section in the stands for the weekend. They don’t seem to have intentions of letting up either, as they plan to stay at least 50 members strong all weekend, with many of them planning to go the distance.

“A lot of us are trying to stay all 46 hours,” said Kappa Kappa Gamma sister Alyssa Randzio.

“We kill it,” said Jordyn Jagolinzer, another Kappa Kappa Gamma sister. “We’ve been really energetic for the entire time. Everything we do, we do it For The Kids.”

The organization raised over $163,000 for THON last year, and they plan to eclipse that total this year. In addition to raising money, they enjoy hanging out with their THON families, the Wessners and the Coldsmiths.

“We absolutely love our THON kids, Erica and Jacob,” added Jagolinzer.

One thing is for sure — while other groups may come and go throughout the weekend, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Delta Chi will be doing everything they can to keep their members in the building and their dancers motivated.

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