Best Fanny Packs of THON 2014

When the 90’s ended we all thought (and hoped) that fanny packs were a thing of the past. This weekend, however, they are alive and well in the BJC. Fanny packs are a staple of the classic THON outfit. Where else would you keep your snacks and tennis ball? (I mean, maybe a drawstring back, but who am I to say?) Anyway, some THONners really brought their fanny pack A game this weekend, and here they are:

The Classic Neon


We’ll start off slow with this staple piece and then work our way up to crazier packs! This PR committee member was a THON first timer, but somebody must have told her how essential neons are to the weekend. Fun fact: the BJC is actually fueled solely by the power of neon outfits on THON weekend. A dab of yellow puff paint really drives her message home. FTK because she’s wearing this fanny pack For the Kids. Overall, she didn’t go overboard, but her message is clear and strong.

The Camo Pack


I almost missed this R&R member’s fanny pack because it blended right in to her outfit! The good news is, she can reuse this pack when THON’s over if she’s into hunting. Seriously though, I think she made a great choice because her pack looks super durable. Plus, I think it was a brave move that she avoided bright colors. I heard you’re not allowed in the BJC without them, but this gal disproved that theory.

The All American


I appreciate this tribute to our United States, land of the free. All she’s missing is a bald eagle on her shoulder, but maybe there’s one in the fanny pack. Don’t rule anything out. If the founding fathers were still alive, I like to think that they’d be THONners, and that they’d rock fanny packs like this one. Bonus points because it matches her on-shift shirt.

The Manny Pack


Fanny packs aren’t just for girls, and this brazen fella proved it! Boys have to carry things, too. This guy was livin’ the fanny pack life and LOVIN’ the fanny pack life. “Isn’t it the greatest?” he exclaimed. And it was! At first, I wasn’t too keen on his pairing sea foam with crimson, but the I realized the method to his madness. The color combination matches this year’s logo perfectly. Nice attention to detail!

The Baby Fanny Pack


Compared to the other fanny packs on the concourse, this one was tiny. I sincerely doubt she could carry very much in there, but I hazarded some guesses. There’s clearly no room for a tennis ball, so maybe she has a ping pong ball? Also, I can’t think of a single snack that would fit in that thing, maybe a clementine? If we’re going to be real, I’m pretty sure she’s not actually using it for cargo, she’s only in it for the fashion. I support her dedication.

Sequined Number


Okay, I have some personal ties to this one. It’s my roommate’s, and she used MY glue gun to make it. I couldn’t be prouder, because it turned out great. Sequins are never a bad idea at THON. Plus, there’s no possible way for this fanny pack to clash with an outfit because it’s got a sequin of every color. Keeping “Penn State” in the middle is a nice touch because if she gets too delirious as the weekend wears on, all she has to do is look down and she’ll remember where she is!

Starry Night


My personal favorite. This PR member went Van Gogh on her pack and gave it a Starry Night look. I get a little bit sad for her when I think about how many times she probably burnt her fingertips on hot glue while making this. All the same, there’s nothing I appreciate like a good craft, and this girl killed it. Personal message to the owner of this fanny pack: if you don’t want it after THON, I will take it off your hands.

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