Digital Getdown Gets Down at THON 2014

The third band to perform on the Four Diamonds stage during THON 2014 was Digital Getdown–no, not the ‘N SYNC song, but the self-proclaimed, “not your quintessential cover band” hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Showing off its wide range of musical capabilities, Digitial Getdown wasted no time trying to get down (so punny, I know) with spectators at the BJC early this morning–whether or not they were successful is a different question entirely.

Let’s start by saying that these guys were no Lenina Crowne. They play a total of fifteen different songs, and by the looks of things here in press row, the crowd reacted positive to just one – N’SYNC’s Tearin’ Up My Heart. Audience apathy towards the band could very well have been a result of the early performance time, but let’s face it: Something is terribly wrong when a Penn State crowd doesn’t collectively burst into song upon hearing Wagon Wheel.

Personal opinions aside, one-for-fifteen is not exactly a successful approval ratio for a cover band that probably hopes to be invited back next year for THON 2015.

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