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Author: Anthony Panichelli

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Professor Sam Richards to give TED Talk in Brazil Friday

Following his talk at the Inaugural 2014 State of State Conference this past Sunday, famed Penn State SOC 119 professor Sam Richards will take the stage again tomorrow, this time 5,179 miles away in Porto Alegre, Brazil at TEDxLa├žador.

Digital Getdown Gets Down at THON 2014

The third band to perform on the Four Diamonds stage during THON 2014 was Digital Getdown--no, not the 'N SYNC song, but the self-proclaimed, "not your quintessential cover band" hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

12X Parties, Rocks, and Dances Live at THON 2014

12X was introduced at THON 2014 as the "ultimate party rock/dance cover band," and their performance early Saturday morning certainly justified such a description.

THON 2014 Sings Along with Lenina Crowne at the BJC

If there's one thing that sets great cover bands apart from their less-gifted counterparts, it's whether or not the singers can, well, sing. Fortunately for Lenina Crowne, the vocalists -- Eric Faust (lead vocals) and Blake Gifford (singer-songwriter) -- more than proved their worth tonight in this indie-folk-rock band's first ever performance at THON.

Khloe Kardashian Tweets Support for #THON14

For the second year in a row, reality star Khloe Kardashian has tweeted her support for the world's largest student-run philanthropy. Here's to hoping she's the first of many to reach out #FTK this weekend!

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