Queues for THON Growing Rapidly

With the second day of THON  in full swing, lines to enter the Bryce Jordan Center are stretching distances past Beaver Stadium and showing no signs of slowing down.

Reports from the string of awaiting spectators outside say that it has taken them well over an hour to move into the stadium, and they’re none too pleased.

“At this rate I’m not even going to have time to get on the floor. I just want to cheer on my son while he dances,” reported a disgruntled mother from the Hazleton campus.” I drove two hours just to get here.”

Inside the BJC, however, things aren’t any better. While getting into the stands to observe the madness on the floor is a simple enough task (even if finding your friends isn’t), the queue to get onto the floor to participate in THON’s various activities is already wrapping around half of the arena.

A brother from the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity reports, “I’ve been standing in line for about two and a half hours already, and I bet I have about an hour and a half left. I’m probably going to spend more time in line than on the floor.”

Despite the discouraging waiting time, spirits are still high. “It’s all worth it. I’d wait a whole day just to see my brothers dancing for THON.”

While the crowds are now starting to trump what we saw yesterday, there’s no question that tomorrow is going to blow these numbers out of the water. You can expect the unexpected from the lines to get into the BJC– and be prepared to say hello to Pegula as the BJC stays at capacity.

No matter the issue of huge wait times; if anything, this is a good problem to have. It demonstrates the devotion of Penn State students to the cause of fighting pediatric cancer. If you’re trying to come to the THON festivities this year, though, get here early and make sure to pack some snacks for the line.

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