Penn State Ranks 39th in Worldwide Survey

In terms of academics, this really seems to be Penn State’s year. In nearly every ranking released thus far, Dear Old State has improved its standing significantly. The latest list is no exception.

As announced yesterday, Penn State ranked 39th among universities worldwide in the fourth annual Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. This is the first time Penn State has ranked in the Top 50 for this particular invitation-only survey. Institutions from 133 countries were surveyed, making it the world’s largest of its kind.

In comparison to other Big Ten schools, Penn State ranks below only Michigan, Illinois, and Northwestern.

The survey directly engages with more than 300,000 academics and researchers, who are asked to identify the institutions they consider to be the best in terms of research and teaching, both in specific regions and globally.

“The reputation league table is based on nothing more than subjective judgement – but it is the considered expert judgement of senior, published academics – the people best placed to know the most about excellence in our universities,” according to Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.

The 2014 rankings are based on a survey carried out between March and May 2013, which received 10,536 responses. The questionnaire targets only experienced, published scholars, who offer their views on excellence in research and teaching within their disciplines and at institutions with which they are familiar.

Scholars were questioned at the level of their specific subject discipline. They were asked to name no more than 15 institutions they believe to be the best, based on their own experience. Rankings were calculated based on an overall measure of an institution’s esteem that combines data on its reputation for research and for teaching. The two scores were added together, with more weight given to research.

The rankings are a subsidiary of the annual Times Higher Education World University Rankings, published in the fall. Penn State most recently ranked 49th on that list. Most importantly though, Ohio State was 58th and Pitt ranked 78th.

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Jessica Tully is a first-year law student at Penn State's Dickinson School of Law. She graduated in May 2014 with degrees in journalism and political science.


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