Penn State At A Glance Has All The Stats You Wish You Knew Off The Top Of Your Head

Ever been asked by someone how many people go to Penn State and you just say, “um, like, 40,000, I think”?

Of course you have! No fear, Penn State’s Office of Strategic Communications has provided a more specific answer to that and the other questions you may have been asked during every awkward family gathering. On, you can find a bevy of basic Penn State statistics from 2009-13 such as enrollment (there are 46,184 students at University Park, for the record) and fundraising. Penn State At A Glance, as the site is called, also serves as a goldmine of bragging rights — Penn State’s many high academic rankings and athletic successes are all there in one place.

Here are five eye-catchers from the site. Keep in mind that these numbers are from 2013:

  • Penn State’s total enrollment, from all 24 campuses: 98,097. That’s a 4 percent increase from 2009, when the enrollment was 94,301.
  • The value of Penn State’s endowment is $2.03 billion, a whopping 59 percent increase from the $1.28 billion mark of 2009.
  • Alumni were responsible for $87.6 million of the $237.8 million in funds raised by Penn State in 2013.
  • Penn State has about 582,000 living addressable alumni, 326,000 of whom live in Pennsylvania.
  • Penn State graduates 88 percent of its athletes, compared to the NCAA’s Division I mean rate of 80 percent.

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