eLion Crashes On First Day Of Class, Panic Ensues

Confusion and frustration ensued from students today after Penn State’s wi-fi and access to eLion have been maddeningly sluggish — if not completely incapacitated — during the first day of class.

To wit:

And so on, and so forth.

If you call the ITS number at 814-865-4357, you will hear this statement:

Please note that web authentication services and eLion are currently experiencing difficulties and are responding slower than normal. We are aware of the issues and working to solve them. For information and updates, please go to alerts.its.psu.edu. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Students can also call that number to have ITS look up their schedules for them.

Of course, students are prone to hyperbole on Twitter — Internet isn’t broken everywhere on campus, as I am currently typing this in the Boucke Building after being disconnected from the Internet a few times. I was able to access eLion after about 15 minutes of waiting earlier, but now the service is completely down. If you’re anything like me, you didn’t memorize (or even check) your class schedule until you woke up this morning, so eLion’s slowness is presenting quite a problem.

ITS posted an alert that the Internet was “disrupted” in a long list of buildings including the HUB, but those issues have been resolved. It also posted notifications that is working to fix both the eLion and general WebAccess slowness. And the ITS Service Desk told us that they’re currently working on a statement to release about the faulty Internet around campus today.

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