Day: August 25, 2014

Louis Freeh Reportedly Hospitalized Following Car Accident

CNN and other media outlets are reporting that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, the university's investigator during the Sandusky Scandal, was hospitalized after a car accident.

ESPN’s Lee Corso Predicts UCF will “Wax” Penn State

ESPN College Gameday host Lee Corso predicted that Central Florida will wax Penn State in the Croke Park Classic this Saturday.

Primanti Bros. Plans To Open In December

The cries of despair from State College bros will be replaced by the jubilee of our Pittsburgh natives by the end of the year, if everything goes according to plan.

eLion Crashes On First Day Of Class, Panic Ensues

Confusion and frustration ensued today after Penn State's wi-fi and eLion and ANGEL services have been maddeningly sluggish during the first day of class today.

Penn State Ranked 8th Most Attractive Student Body

University Primetime, which I will attempt to legitimize by pointing out its 162,000 Twitter followers, recently ranked Penn State as a school with one of the most attractive student bodies in the country.

Matt McGloin Making Waves During NFL Preseason

Matt McGloin is listed as the third-string option for the Oakland Raiders at quarterback, but his numbers say otherwise. McGloin has outperformed rookie Derek Carr thus far, and could potentially slide into the backup role behind starter Matt Schaub if his impressive play continues.

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