Most Unique Clubs at The Involvement Fair

Today is the last day of the Fall Involvement Fair, and over the past couple of days, masses of students have perused the various booths of the many clubs on campus. But among the throngs of posterboards, there were some unique clubs you may not have noticed.

They certainly aren’t kidding when they say there is something for everyone — these were some of the coolest clubs at the Involvement Fair that you should check out.

The Penn State Bronies


The Penn State Bronies are a personal favorite of ours. Their purpose is to “provide an outlet for social and artistic endeavors in relation to My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.” You might think it’s outlandish, but if there was a Spongebob Squarepants Appreciation Club I’d be all about it.

3D Printing Club


Watching that machine on the left there do its thing is mesmerizing. This club gives students free access to 3D printers, which is pretty awesome. Plus, it holds an annual 12-hour Print-a-Thon where it prints stuff, eats food, and just hangs out, among other things. On a side note, can you imagine how boring a plain old regular printing club would be? Yikes.



Knitivism is a club that takes part in “activism peacefully devoted to defending human rights one stitch at a time.” Throughout the year, it holds different events to raise awareness and make a change for tons of deserving causes such as knitting against sexual violence and collaboration with Students for Justice from Palestine to make a peace quilt that anyone can add to. It also recently held a 24-hour Knit-a-Thon, where knitters and non-knitters spent an entire day knitting to spread awareness for the genocide in Darfur.

Silent Praise


Silent Praise is a ministry of mimes spreading the word of Jesus. They use “physical interpretation and movement with their bodies to touch various ages by praise and magnification of the Lord our God through the ministry of mime.” Not gonna lie, may have to check out a meeting to watch these mimes do their thing and see their unique way of practicing and spreading their faith because mimes rock.

State College Area Roller Derby


Bet you didn’t know we had a roller derby term in the area. Its mission is “to provide an opportunity for students to learn the different aspects of roller derby and support the local derby team.” This is so bad-ass, and while I’m definitely not cut out for it, sign me up for a SCAR Roller Derby t-shirt.

Penn State Renaissance Faire Planning Committee (Penn Faire)


Penn Faire is the club that organizes the Renaissance Faire in State College. According to its website, if you like things like getting into character, accents, different clothing, sword fighting, and meeting new, unusual people, then this is the club for you! The club held its first Faire in 2011 on the HUB Lawn.

Of course, there’s a litany of clubs where those came from. Check them out here.

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