Fighter Jets At Croke Park Cause ‘Earthquake’

Americans have a bit of a reputation for being loud and obnoxious while abroad. But however loud the Penn Staters who partied all weekend got in Ireland paled in comparison to the noise made by certain pregame ceremonies.

When two American fighter jets flew over Dublin for the Croke Park Classic on Saturday, Dubliners wondered if an earthquake was afoot.

Houses shook, car alarms went off, dogs barked, and babies wept. When they finally realized what was going on, the Irish calmed down, but not before they were able to tweet some pretty hilarious things:

The Journal collected a few tweets from people who had “the bejaysus” scared out of them. We did some digging and found a few more:

For anybody who needs Irish to American translations: “cop yerself on” means “pull yourself together,” and “sodding” is basically “damned.” Clearly, we caused the Irish a great deal of distress this past weekend, but at least we walked away with a win. Our apologies to our wonderful hosts for the noise.

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