Paterno Brothers Weigh In on NCAA Decision

Alas, the Paterno brothers have weighed in on today’s proceedings.

Scott Paterno said that he will continue to pursue “a full, fair and open review of the facts.” He reinforced, however, that the ruling will not have any effect on his family’s ongoing lawsuit against the NCAA.

“This is one more step in correcting the unjust and irresponsible penalties imposed on the university,” Scott Paterno said in a statement. “As time has proven, the sanctions were based on an incomplete and over-hyped report by Louis Freeh.”

These words come after the NCAA ruled earlier today that it would strike down the bowl ban on Penn State. The Big Ten followed by announcing it would allow Penn State to compete in its championship game.

The $60 million fine and removal of 111 of his father’s football wins remain intact.

“In response to the [Freeh] Report, which was recklessly promoted to the media as complete and accurate, the University Board of Trustees and the NCAA panicked and imposed unprecedented penalties and engaged in an active campaign to smear the reputations of numerous individuals,” Paterno said in the statement. “The sad fact is they took a terrible situation and made it worse.”

In between tweets about his book signings, Jay Paterno also weighed in, but didn’t add much.

“This is deserved because those penalties were never deserved,” said Paterno, former Penn State assistant under his father. “I am happy for the university and the team. This is a great thing for the university and the football program but there is still a lot to be done and a lot to be corrected. I think the NCAA saying this relief is because of the Mitchell report process is a cover for the fact that there was a faulty Freeh report.”

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