Distraction Of The Day: Yet Another Rally GoPro Video

In case you aren’t yet over Penn State’s rallying tendencies, we’ve rounded up yet another video from the bowl ban lift rally.

It’s brought to you by none other than Steve Chepke, aka Mattress Man. The video lets you see the rally through Chepke’s eyes, right from the very start. You can actually hear his infamous words “I’m going to ride [the mattress].”

From there, you ride along with Chepke on his only slightly nauseating journey. You hear him lead “We Are” chants, and watch the crowd’s reaction to Chepke’s heroic stand atop the polyester raft.

But don’t think this video’s content is just limited to last Monday’s rally. Chepke has added a photo of Joe Paterno, as well as several screen shot’s of the national media’s coverage of the rally.

Check out the video here:

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