Spotify Studies Penn State’s Listening Habits

Popular music streaming site Spotify recently reviewed data of the music patterns of college students, revealing some interesting statistics about Penn State in the process.

Using data collected from students who signed up for Spotify using the student deal, the site was able to find “America’s Most Music-Loving Schools.” It then took the top 40 schools and broke down their music patterns.

Here’s what it found about Penn State (click on the images to enlarge).


While there’s some distinct Hardwell love at Penn State, there’s apparently a lot of hate for poor Lana Del Ray. Based on when Penn Staters start listening to their music, Spotify determined that we are late risers. Another interesting music pattern is that Penn State listens to live music more than any other school in the country (live music refers to songs in which artists recorded them live in concert). The least popular music in the college is Christian.


Sorry, country lovers — while Penn State listens to pop at a rate slightly above the national average, it listens to country at a rate a good bit lower than the country.


SPA definitely made a good call getting Timeflies to come to campus last year, as Penn Staters love “All The Way” more than any other school, relatively. Timeflies is also the second-most liked relative artist.


This graph relates the time of day with the amount of people of listening to Spotify. This is the same graph that Spotify uses to detect when students wake up and go to bed. Penn State was found to be one of the “latest to rise” schools.


Penn State students really like songs with a lot of instrumentalness. Penn State also listens to the most high-energy music out of all schools. High Energy music includes high levels of R&B, punk, and live music.

Other interesting results include Ohio State listening to the most classical music, Purdue listening to the angriest (and apparently hates Beyonce), and Alabama listening to the most country music. Check out all of the results here.

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