“The People’s Joe” Trailer Released

The Porterfield Group, the same company that brought us “The Joe We Know” and “365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley,” will release one more film to celebrate Joe Paterno.

Unlike the conventional Paterno tribute, “The People’s Joe” aims to distill the Paterno story we all know. “It’s not something that people would expect from a Paterno movie, because it’s something they wouldn’t know,” said director and co-executive producer Eric Porterfield.

According to Porterfield, this documentary serves as somewhat of a capstone project, succeeding “The Joe We Know” and “365 Days: A Year In Happy Valley.” To an extent, “The People’s Joe” seemed like the inevitable outcome.

“It was like grinding a stone: the more we explored Paterno as a ‘character,’ the more we started to see a refined view of who he really was,” Porterfield said. “We use kind of large labels when we talk about Paterno — like 409 wins, he’s been here for 61 years — but that wasn’t what made him the person he was.”

Instead of focusing on Paterno’s career and legacy from a distant perspective, the documentary focuses on others’ stories of him, giving the film a more personal and comprehensive touch. With more than 150 interviews conducted to help create the final cut, the documentary really delves into both his most defining moments and some of his more subtle ones.

Set to be released on Nov. 9, you can watch the trailer below.

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