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Day: October 8, 2014

THON Org A-7 Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

A-7, a special THON organization, recently announced that it is now accepting bitcoin donations, an unprecedented method in THON history.

Freshmen 101: How to Stay Healthy at Penn State

While I'll admit that I existed solely on boxes of Cheez-Its as a freshman (and still managed to avoid the ever-feared freshman fifteen), I'll also admit that I did not escape freshman year with my health. That was the precisely year that I acquired some sort of mono-pink-eye-strep-throat combination. Two years later, as sick season quickly approaches, all of you now-freshmen are in danger of acquiring this plague and many others. So, here are a few steps to avoid the freshman fifteen, the plague, and to stay relatively healthy.

Inferno Expansion Plans Heat Up

Dante's Restaurants, owner of Inferno Brick Oven and Bar, plan to expand in the near future according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

Penn State Dominates the State, Literally

The New York Times recently published an interactive map that displays 84 different college football fan bases from all around the country. At first glance of the map, it is very clear that Penn State continues to dominate the state.

Tamba Hali Helping To Build Ebola Clinic In Liberia

Former lineman Tamba Hali is doing his part to help a big problem.

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